Shiny Strands Lice Salon
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The Solution to Your Child’s Head Lice

Shiny Strands trained and certified technicians tenderly remove lice and nits from hair in our Naperville lice treatment salon. We understand your stress, so we work meticulously to remove head lice and nits using only FDA Registered safe products. We also provide a Back to School Release Form, so your household can return to normal as quickly as possible.

Our salon is certified by the country’s leading authority on Lice – Katie Shepherd of the Shepherd Institute™. The Institute offers the only lice removal certification program in the United States. Strand-by-Strand removal ensures your child is lice and nit free.

Shiny Strands Naperville Lice Salon
Shiny Strands Naperville Lice Salon

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M-F 9am-7pm
Sat 9am-3pm


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After business hours, please request an online appointment


Naperville Office Court
1813 N Mill St. Suite E
Naperville, IL 60563


What to Expect…

Once you come into the salon, a Head Lice Removal Treatment Plan will be developed based upon 3 criteria: hair type, severity of infestation and cooperation of the child. Typical treatment time is approximately 1-2 hours for a female and 30-60 minutes for a male. A follow up may be recommended 3-5 days later for a more severe case, taking approximately 30 minutes. If finances are a concern, we can come up with a budget friendly plan to suit your needs.

Because the method we utilize is so precise we will confidently give you a Back to School Release Form – even for No Nit Policy schools, at the end of your first appointment. We also tell you what you need to do to clean your home. Home cleaning is MINIMAL because lice infest heads, not homes! You do not need a professional head lice home cleaning service. You also do not need to purchase special laundry detergents and household cleaners or sprays.

Once you have been treated in our salon life returns to normal.

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Preferred Time

Head Check:

$35 per individual
Head Check fees are waived if treatment is required


$100/hour per individual billed in 1/4 hour increments
If you require service during non-business hours the treatment fee is $175/hour per individual.

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